July 31, 2019

Best loans for the holidays

There are a lot of payday loans on the market and it is difficult to find out about the offer and terms of individual loans, despite many ads and advertising campaigns. Not only that familiarizing yourself with the terms of each offer takes time, it is not easy to get through the mass of regulations due to the large number of factors and variables in the loan agreements. Porfel decided to prepare a statement comparing the most important parameters of loans, such as the minimum and maximum age of the borrower, the highest possible amount of money borrowed for the first and subsequent loans, and the waiting period for the decision and the payment of money.

Borrower’s age


The minimum age required to take a loan from a non-bank company varies, in some cases even 24 years. Instantaneous payment for 18 years can be taken only in 3 companies (Zengga, Eicredit and Nominent), the next threshold is 20 years. Remember that completing the age required by the regulations does not guarantee that you will receive a loan, you must meet a number of other requirements.

Although the average age of people taking loans online is relatively low and is about 35 years old, it also happens that older people are interested in quick cash. In most companies, the maximum age is 65, although there are lenders that have raised this limit, and even those that have not set a maximum age (in these companies we set the value of 85 years, because despite the lack of maximum age, the elderly have no chance of payday pay).

How much can we borrow online?

How much can we borrow online?

When choosing a loan without BIK, we are interested in the amount we can get, online loans are often called micro-loans, because the amounts we can receive are much lower compared to the bank offer. Let’s also remember that with the first loan, the money we can borrow is much lower than in subsequent loans when our capacity increases. The winners of this ranking are MetLoan and Viloan, which offer PLN 1,500 and 1,400 respectively – for free.

When will I get the loan?

When will I get the loan?

The time of withdrawing money is one of the main advantages of non-banking loan companies, the so-called payday loans are paid out in just a few minutes from the start of completing the form. This, of course, only happens if our application is verified positively. Leaders in this category withdraw money even in 10 minutes, often it happens faster. This is obviously computer-based processing of applications. With such a large scale of loans it is a necessity, such a solution is used by market leaders as MetLoan, Viloan or QuickMoney. Let’s remember that the money came to us at the same time we must have an account in the same bank as the lender. We can easily check it on our website in the description of a given company.

Ranking of free payday loans

Ranking of free payday loans

Let’s also remember that our ranking of free payday loans, where new customers will get a loan at no cost. Our comparison shows that we compared two companies: Eicredit and Viloan. It is also worth paying attention to MetLoan, which came first in two rankings and came second in the next. It is particularly distinguished by the maximum amount of the first loan – up to PLN 1,500. In terms of age, Zengga and Eicredit are the friendliest, since they have been providing loans from the age of 18, without limiting their maximum age.

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