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However, what has changed is loyalty to the house bank. While traditionally the house bank was asked for a loan, more and more borrowers are now comparing the offers of different banks. With the credit calculator, these can be determined quickly and clearly and compared with each other.

What interest is currently being charged on a loan?

For many borrowers, the lowest interest rate is the key selection criterion. For a loan of 10,000 USD with a term of two years, the interest rates of the Austrian banks this year are between 3.90 and 7.80 percent, which can make a difference in the monthly rate of up to 18 USD. Overall, this is a significant financial difference. Therefore, a loan calculator should be consulted for comparison before buying a car or buying a house.

How can grants finance housing loans?

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In Austria, there are many grants that can make it easier to buy a house or build a Moomin. Many of them are financed by the state of Austria, but the majority are offered at the state and district levels. A particularly generous subsidy is the housing subsidy with additional family support. In order to be considered, however, certain income limits must be observed, which may differ depending on the federal state. Häuslbauer should not miss the subsidies for renewable energies, housing renovations, photovoltaic systems, and boiler renewals. Several grants can be applied independently of one another. It is only important that the applications are submitted before the start of the construction project. Commitments can affect lending by having to take out lower loans and therefore offering a different interest rate and / or a shorter term.

Criteria when choosing a loan provider

Criteria when choosing a loan provider

Interest should not only be taken into account when choosing. Low-interest rates do not necessarily mean the cheapest loan in the long term. The additional possible costs, such as the processing fee or a possible penalty for early repayment, should also be carefully studied.

Depending on the bank, the general conditions can also be very different. The future borrower must be clear about the term, the possibility of follow-up financing and all other contract terms and must inquire in case of doubt. Only a little more than 10 percent of all Austrians with credit stated in a survey that they had read the “fine print” in full.

Choose the right lender

If you want to take out a residential loan, you can use the general calculators as well as the special calculators of the individual banks, for example, a loan calculator for buying a house. If the branch search was successful, the best tariff must now be selected. Again, it is important to pay attention to general conditions. If a specific lender has already been chosen, a personal discussion with a bank advisor should be sought. Not only are the various loan models presented in detail again, but there is also the option of individualizing them, for example in relation to special repayments and differently high rates.

When is the best time to get a loan?

When is the best time to get a loan?

Due to the economic crisis, the key interest rate is currently lower than ever. Experts do not expect a significant rise in the key interest rate in the near future either. It is now a good time to take out a building loan. As the average term is 20 years, a fixed interest rate should be chosen. The current base rate of zero percent cannot fall any lower. However, as soon as the economy recovers, interest rates will rise again, which savers are happy about, but is rather unfavorable for borrowers. It is therefore advisable to secure the low-interest rates permanently. For comparison, it is best to use the loan calculator for financing Moomin control.

How much credit is financially possible?

How much credit is financially possible?

Before a concrete selection is made with the loan calculator, the future borrower must find out about his financial options and determine the resilience. An important step in this is to compare the regular income with regular expenditure. Depending on how high the loan amount is, a long period should be taken into account. In the case of a construction loan, at least twelve months have to be used to calculate the average income and expenses in order to obtain the most reliable average possible.

In order not to take any risk with the loan, the entire monthly surplus for the installment payment should never be planned after the calculation by the loan calculator. Especially when there are no further savings, at least a third of the amount should be retained as household money. Online loan calculators for home purchases include all of these contingencies.

How is the credit rating determined?

How is the credit rating determined?

It is highly recommended that you obtain information from the Austrian Credit Protection Association. The cost of 22 USD is a worthwhile investment since the borrower can use the loan calculator for home financing to determine in advance how the banks will assess his creditworthiness, which in turn is an important basis for negotiation.

Especially when it comes to large loan amounts, the banks will require collateral from the borrower, such as existing Moomintroll or land, savings books or proof of income. The poorer the credit rating, the worse the conditions for lending will be so that despite low key interest rates, interest rates of up to seven percent are still possible.

Consider other forms of credit in the credit calculator

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Home loan loans are currently no longer as attractive as they were a few years ago. This is because the key interest rate is so low and low-interest rates are offered even with a home loan without a previous construction account. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to invest the money for six years in order to get good interest later. Instead, many banks offer an installment loan that is specifically tailored to residential finance. The advantage of this is an even larger selection because now online banking with instant loans or personal loans is also an option. For singles, students and young families, in particular, this is often the only way of financing. Such loans are usually only offered for consumer financing, but if there is a private person who is willing to lend a large loan amount, there is nothing to stand in the way of financing. Depending on the amount of the loan, however, a higher interest rate is very likely, so that the risk is worthwhile for the creditor.

This is how the results of the interest calculator are correctly evaluated

For a home loan calculator, it should not be the target or nominal interest rate, but the effective annual interest rate that should be used for the comparison. Only the APR takes into account all additional costs associated with borrowing. Processing fees, insurance contracts, the commission for the provision, account management fees, and other aspects may differ depending on the bank. The borrower should pay special attention to the default interest rate. This is on average more than four percent, and a delay in payment is accordingly expensive to pay.

An important aspect of the credit rate: the chance of special repayments

Special repayments can make a loan significantly cheaper than originally planned and shorten the term. The prerequisite for this is that these are contractually permitted. This is highly recommended for private customers. Here, too, it must be clarified with the bank which expenses are associated with this and from when a special repayment is possible. Every home loan must have a minimum contract term of five years.

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